123 HP Deskjet 2130 Ink Cartridge Installation

Working With Deskjet Printer Cartridges

Check with estimated ink levels:

On your printer control panel select the ink levels, as the printer displays the estimated ink levels.

Know To Check Printer Ink Level Through Software:

Double click on your 123 HP Deskjet 2130 Printer by clicking Start -> All Programs -> 123 HP Deskjet 2130-> 123 HP Deskjet 2130 and your series number.

On your printer software, select the estimated ink level.

How to Order Ink Cartridges?

  1. Find your cartridge series number on your cartridge door.
  2. You can also find the cartridge number through your software.
  3. Double click the 123 HP Deskjet 2130 Series icon to open your printer software.
  4. On your printer software, select the shop and click shop for supplies online.

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Replace the Cartridge

Choose Right Cartridges:

123 HP Deskjet 2130 recommends that you use standard HP cartridges. 123 HP Deskjet 2130 cartridges are designed and tested with 123 HP Deskjet 2130 that could yield good results.

Replacing Cartridges:

  1. Check Power button.
  2. Remove your cartridge by following these steps,
  3. Open cartridge access door.
  4. Wait until the printer cartridge settles to the middle of your printer.
  5. Press the cartridge and remove the printer from the slot.
  6. To place the new cartridge,
  7. Remove the cartridge from its packing.
  8. Twist the cap on the cartridge to remove it.
  9. Using the color combination, place the cartridge.
  10. Close the cartridge door.


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